News Updates

  • Where Did My America
    , becomes Amazon
    best seller at #6 in the
    top 100

  • Success By Default,
    Becomes Amazon best seller at #22 after
    Forbes review said,
    "This book belongs on
    the desk of every CEO
    in America."

  • I will be appearing in Atlanta, GA
    at the Apartment Managers Assoc. 
    event on Mar. 17, 2017

  •  My new novel
    "The Conversion

    Has been awarded
    "Best Book in Fiction
    for 2015"
    It has been written for
    the Hollywood screen.  


Terrorism and Violence


You just came back from lunch to find a gunman holding your staff hostage. Someone barged into your office with a gun.  Do you know what to do?

As a survivor of a failed double assassination attempt on my life, as a special investigator with the New York Police Department, I have helped many organizations understand the value of being prepared for any sudden emergency in the work place or in the public domain. 

Understanding terrorism or violence is a must for any organization, no matter how large or small.

Terrorist threats are plentiful around the globe, but when those threats hit close to home, they can be extremely concerning. Because most acts of terrorism in the U.S. have occurred where people work, and play and because corporations and the workplace have been identified as high value targets of terrorism, it is essential that preparedness, response and recovery occur in occupational settings.

Learn how to become aware of not only your surroundings, but what to do before, during and after a tragedy. Being prepared is the key to surviving, so you don't become the next headline. Learn the warning signs of a potential violent offender so you can hopefully prevent the act before it escalates.

Learn the techniques of survival that can help you go home to your family at the end of the day.  You must know how and when to Hide, Run or Fight, so if you are involved in an incident, it doesn’t end up on the Hollywood screen.