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  • Where Did My America
    , becomes Amazon
    best seller at #6 in the
    top 100

  • Success By Default,
    Becomes Amazon best seller at #22 after
    Forbes review said,
    "This book belongs on
    the desk of every CEO
    in America."

  • I will be appearing in Atlanta, GA
    at the Apartment Managers Assoc. 
    event on Mar. 17, 2017

  •  My new novel
    "The Conversion

    Has been awarded
    "Best Book in Fiction
    for 2015"
    It has been written for
    the Hollywood screen.  


Cyber Terrorism


One of your employees opened an email attachment that looked innocent.  Within minutes every computer workstation in your business was locked up with a message that read, “We have captured your data files and locked your network.  Any attempt to access them will destroy them forever.  If you want to regain control of your data wire $50,000 to this account within 24 hours.  We will then send you the code to unlock your computer.”  Now What?     

  1.Have your employee’s been trained in what to look for before opening an email?    

  2. Do they access their personal computers at home from their computer at work?   

  3. Do they work from home remotely accessing the network in the office?

Most small businesses that are attacked with a Ransom Ware Virus are out of business within six-months. Learn what to do to help prevent an attack of your business that could put you out of business.

Learning the safe and proper protocols in handling data could save you from losing, in a matter of seconds, what you worked your whole life for.